Vaporizing Cannabis, Better than Smoking?


What is vaporizing?

Vaporizing (aka vaping) is when you take cannabis flower or cannabis oil and you heat it to a controlled temperature that will not combust the material but will release the cannabinoids and terpenes. 
Essentially, you are inhaling light vapor instead of the harsh smoke from combusted plant material.

Research shows that when you’re smoking a joint, pipe or a bong about 88% of the combusted smoke gases and particulates that you inhale contain non-cannabinoid elements – most of which do not have much benefit and come with potential health risks. Although cannabis smoke has proven much safer than tobacco smoke, you are inhaling carbon monoxide, carcinogens, and tar… this smoke causes visible and microscopic tears in the lungs and can lead to bronchitis-like symptoms.

Water pipes do tend to eliminate more tar and carcinogens then straight smoking as the smoke tends to get somewhat filtered through the water. However the water will also filter out some of the cannabinoid medicinal properties as well and even though the water helps some it doesn’t remove the health risks, it just reduces them.

6 Benefits of Vaporizing

1) At the right temperature, when you vaporize cannabis you are inhaling approximately 95% cannabinoids [Click to Tweet] and receiving none of the negative effects that you get from smoking.
2) Vaporizing is more efficient because you are inhaling more of the cannabinoids and terpenes instead of burning them off. So you use less and save more money.
3) Vaping requires lower temperatures, which makes it cooler and less harsh on your throat and easier on your system.
4) Vaporizing devices don’t need to be cleaned as frequently and are easier to clean.
5) Vapor is much more discreet than smoke. And it doesn’t cling to your clothes, hair or furniture the way smoke does.
6) You will also notice that you can definitely taste more of the flavors and notes in your cannabis as well, making it a much more enjoyable experience.

The Authors Personal Experience

Sometimes I still like to have a joint. There is something about consuming cannabis the same way our ancestors have for centuries, that’s feels sacred. Smoking isn’t the only ancient cannabis delivery method, but it provides a different sensation for me; it feels heavier in my body. There was a time years ago when smoking was my most frequent method of choice and I noticed that I started to get a daily cough with mucus and phlegm. It was especially noticeable when I was transitioning from smoking to vaporizing, and I was tired of the smoke irritating my throat and sensed it was taking a toll on my immune system.

So now vaporizing is my go-to consumption method. If you’re someone who typical smokes your cannabis I encourage you to give vaporizing a try – you will be quite surprised at the difference.

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