Meet the Makers: Trista of Empower Oils


Holistic Body Care & Medicine

Empower oils are a powerful blend of essential oils and a proprietary combination of cannabis strains that work together to provide relief on many levels at one time.

In 2003, Trista Okel was arrested for growing three small 12” plants for her medical needs. She was offered a plea deal that would still deem her a felon, so she decided to stand up to the legal system and stood trial instead. She was found "not guilty" by a jury in 9 minutes.   

The experience turned Trista into a strong advocate and proponent for the medicinal use of cannabis

Twelve years later, her growing line of bodycare products have become widely popular with those who want to use whole plant medicine for pain relief, inflammation and many skin conditions.

EMPOWER was originally an acronym: Ending Marijuana Prohibition by Organizing Women to Enact Reform. This called forth women leaders who were ready to come out of the cannabis closet in order to make a difference.

Today, her products are widely celebrated by men and women of all ages and backgrounds. The one things they have in common is the desire to use whole plant medicine to treat their pain, inflammation, and skin trauma. At Smuggle, we are gigantic fans of Trista’s products. We use Empower Oils regularly to unwind from a long day, and soothe where it hurts {Tweet This}.

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