Meet the Makers: Geoff and Valerie of Walnut Studiolo


Local Leather Goods For Eco-Conscious Cannabis Consumers

When Oregon legalized recreational cannabis, Valerie and Geoffrey Franklin of Walnut Studiolo became known as leaders in the local makers of epic marijuana products {tweet this}. Born from their popular leather bike accessories, these unique, hand-made smoking accessories are for people who want quality materials and beautiful designs to hold their cannabis treasures.

They saw these products as a modern-day need. The Pacific Northwest cannabis user wants to evolve their use of baggies, plastic, and cheap containers to hold their strains. Geoff, a self-taught crafter, answered that call with glass, leather, brass and cork items that brought elegance and served a function in the smoking experience.  

Get behind the scenes with this Oregon power couple and feel their enthusiasm for patriotism, environmental awareness, and entrepreneurial success.  

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