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Cannabis Museum: The Art of Ancient Medicine

At the 2016 Oregon Hemp Convention we met with legendary activist and attorney, Don E. Wirtshafter.

He came armed with photos from America’s first Cannabis Museum.
His one-of-a-kind collection offers glimpses of the history of cannabis as a medicine and folk remedy. It was a staple in the toolkit of druggists and doctors the world over. It was simply a normal thing.
As glass making moved from artisinal one a kind jars to machine made and disposable, the contents changed from being ingredients custom compounded by physicians, to far more profitable patented amd premade formulas. Such was the transition from apothecary to drug store. 

Don's research and outstanding collection of jars, many with testable remnains inside, give us an understanding of the applications and traditons of cannabis use from over 100 years ago. check out the online version of the Cannabis Museum, and look for it at events near you! 

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